About Us

The Gainesville Pops! was formed in May 2009 by a group of dedicated professional and amateur adult musicians. Our purpose is simple; Let Us Entertain You!

We are a by-invitation performing wind ensemble dedicated to entertainment. We seek first to entertain ourselves and then the audience by playing familiar music that is known and loved by performers and audience alike.

The Gainesville Pops! offers two levels of participation: full voting member and guest. Of course you don’t charge a guest for dinner, so guests are invited to rehearse and perform but are non-voting members. Full members of the Pops donate $75, which is about the average cost of a piece of music. Some of our members have access to music either through personal libraries or are able to purchase music for the group through their professional connections and make their contributions that way.

Our expenses are music and insurance. So far the venue costs have either been donated or at no charge. We hope to keep it that way. We each provide our own black music stand for concerts, where needed, and of course our own instruments. The Pops does not expect to purchase any instruments or equipment with member funds. This will allow us to build a library quickly. So the short version is; our members donate their time, talent and $75. Guests donate their time and talent. We also accept sponsorship and patron donations. Checks can be made out to: Gainesville Pops.

On the issue of donations: full member or guest is not considered in assignment of parts, solos, or placement. Everyone of our Pops musicians contribute in their own way and we are grateful for each one. We do this to have fun and entertain ourselves first then the audience.